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Samson and Delilah

May 3, 2012

Cecil B. DeMille eat your heart out.  This composite was made up from public domain footage.

The black  and white material was from  a 1922 Austrian silent film and washed-out coloured material was from 1960s Hercules films. The choice in matching them up, therefore, was either to try and colorize the black & white version or sepia-tint the coloured version. I chose to try colorizing.  Using Adobe’s ‘colorama’ effect the first step was to turn different levels of grey into a spectrum then rotate this until the faces looked maximally flesh-coloured. This resulted in a garish magenta and red. The total was then toned down with the blue cooling Adobe Photo filter. The resulting set of colours is not too different from the current vogue of orange against blue backgrounds seen in commercial films which makes the black & white origins less obvious.

The song has a very limited number of chords and these have been transposed to the ‘instant play’ (Guitar in 10 minutes) music education method found at

The sound track was based on the traditional tune, given a rock beat and horns from NY Brass (UK).  Multitracking gave 3-part vocal harmony backing. The entire project was done with basic podcast-level gear. Issues for discussion:

  • quickly-produced music video
  • blockbuster themes set to music
  • movie studio on a card table
  • copyright
  • multi-tracked audio
  • audio samples, Band in a Box
  • instant play guitar method

an mp3 version is available at