Make your own movie studio on a card table!

Movie-Tom.Com demonstrates techniques of movie-making for educational purposes. Educators need ways of quickly creating custom materials for games and other new media forms of delivery. This site illustrates by example use of tools such as blue screen, rear projection, puppetry, hybrid claymation, 3D animation.

The focus is on avatars (voice-synch’d 2D facial &/or full 3D), still frames, and miniatures (models, toys, cutouts, puppets) as these are far easier to manage than live actors -ie- an entire chroma key studio can be housed in a cupboard and filmed on a card table. The idea is to cut your production time to a fraction of what would be required for the same material done with conventional live footage, animation or claymation.

For example, a puppet show is one of the fastest techniques purely because the actors can be reading the script off-camera while performing. Live actors would have to memorize the script! Voice-synch’d animations with more than one character are currently complex and may lack the spontaneity of a puppet show. The idea is to use the best mix of old & new techniques. 

Traditional techniques also open up a broader range of characters and sets than would be practical and economical using digital avatars. The two media can be combined by photographing the miniatures/stills and animating them digitally.

The ‘movies’ shown here are short – sometimes only 30 seconds long. The idea is to demonstrate the production technique. Use of the technique then comes down to your skills in scripting and storyboarding. Movie-Tom.Com merely offers demonstrations and ideas. Full tutorials are best left to the vendors of the software.


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