About me and this site

This site is a purely private venture from Tom Benjamin, Sydney Australia.  I’ve been able to produce at home my own ‘studio network’  of  www.radio-tom.com, www.tv-tom.com, and www.movie-tom.com as experiments to test and demonstrate mulitimedia techniques and ideas to educators.

 These movies are experiments, usually done on a desk or coffee table. They are intended to give ideas to educators who, like myself,  have limited time and real estate to devote to movie-making.

My background is in psychology. I happened also to have experience as a singer (see www.kara-oke.com and www.oz-rock.com) . So I make no claim to be a movie mogul.  Indeed these techniques are very recent -ie- 3D animation, rear projection, much less international radio/tv casting were not possible a few years ago.

The idea is that the medium should serve the message. The techniques I’ve developed go beyond the obvious well-trodden paths such as live interviews and open up ways to bring to life the sorts of things that are in the school curricula: history, science, math … . These benefit from special effects that can bring characters to life and take us to a different place, time, and scale -ie- we could interview Shakespeare or plot a rocket trajectory. So I test the simplest, quickest ways to capture a blockbuster theme. Merely bringing a character to life with animation can have an impact.

Although I have had access to professional multimedia people and full studio resources I purposely avoided these for my private sites  and rely on my home resources as these are similar to those available to schools. This way I can honestly say to teachers “this cost less than going to karaoke” or  “I did this on a card table in 2 hours”…etc. Where it took me longer than anticipated I can at least pass on the benefits of my trial & error to save you time.

I have no commercial link with any of the software companies or vendors. I’m a customer. I am not in a position to know if there are better, more recent, or freeware products available.

Nor am I in any way an evangelist for digital methods in place of highly efficient, imagination-provoking, old-fashioned text. Rather, I’d like to see the digital methods become easy-to-use enhancement tools. Bandwidth could become a problem if everyone decided they must use digital multimedia to convey the simplest messages. Hopefully in this era the limitations are the bandwidth of our senses and imaginations.


One Response to “About me and this site”

  1. Willi Says:


    Loved the animations. Maybe you could do some astronomy lessons with these.

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