What you see is as good as it gets

Global Astronomy Month

You live in a galaxy. As you look beyond our galaxy you see – guess what? – other galaxies. This 4 minute video is about getting the most out of your telescope, binoculars and/or naked eye. It explains why the views you have from within our own Milky Way galaxy are probably as good as, and probably similar to, those anyone could get anywhere else in the Universe.

This video mainly uses the techniques made popular by Ken Burns of still images animated by pan movements and transitions. Another well-known video that uses still images and text is ‘Shift Happens’. Points to discuss:

  • The ‘Ken Burns Effect’ in cinematography – what can be done with still shots through panning and movement
  • use of text as in ‘Shift Happens’
  • whether music is essential, extraneous, and/or noticeable by its absence in a purely documentary video
  • constructivist potential for this topic -ie- using the web or real-life astronomy images to test the theme that things look pretty similar across the Universe
  • contrast with sci-fi concepts

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