The end of the Hero’s Journey: public recognition

In real life, winners of contests and adventures hope to receive public recognition. Animation allows us to create all sorts of fanciful ceremonies and rewards for a classroom. Re-use is inherent as each group seeks to follow in the last heroes’ footsteps -ie- no-one seems to be complaining about winning the ‘same old’ gold Oscar statues. Here is a gallery exhibition: 

This was adapted from some user-generated examples on the Australian Kahootz software site. I just put up some kids’ pictures as the exhibits to show the idea. The Microsoft text to speech voice with hall reverb was used to give the size illusion. Points to observe and discuss:

  • digital v tangible v symbolic rewards in the classroom
  • emulating real-life adventure outcomes
  • special effects: animation, reverb for realism
  • sharing and re-use of sets, scenes, user-generated sharing

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