Creepy Movie in under 1 Minute

The movie below was created ‘out of the box’ when I first downloaded a demo version of Reallusion iClone to try it out. The goal was to see whether it was possible to create an audience reaction in under 1 minute.

The above was inspired by The Blair Witch Project, the most successful independent film  and most profitable US film of all time in terms of the ratio of production cost to box office sales. It took a ‘mere’ $35,000 investment and 8 days filming to create an 86 minute film. My objective was to take less than one minute to creep you out, with $0 additional cash outlay, using freeware, canned templates, clip art, a $10 royalty-free soundtrack I’d earlier purchased, ‘out of the box’ programming with no tutorials, in less than 1 day’s filming, audio, & editing. Points to consider and discuss:

  • Script: the first 21 seconds (40% of entire movie) are mere ‘suspense-building’ music.
  • Element of surprise.
  • similarities and differences: creepy v horror films
  • Theme: identification with people’s feelings about pets.
  • 3D voice-synch’d avatar with ‘canned’ dance routine.
  • surreal scene would be preposterous and probably downright silly with live actors & set.
  • Lighting to simulate fire environment.
  • Pitch-shifting and reverb of vocals to alter character.

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